This is a community project that makes Qt running on the Maemo platform in addition to GTK+. We offer an "Hildonized" Qt-based UI with native style and input method support, OpenGL-ES2 (only in Fremantle) and more...
Maemo supported devices are: Porting a Qt4 maemo takes a recompile in most of cases!


How can I port a Qt application in maemo?
You need only to compile it in the SDK env.
Basically your application is integrated in the hildon environment without changing the source code.
By the way sometime you need to change very little things in the code.

How can I install a Qt4 application on my device?
You can install a Qt application as you install any other Maemo applications
You just need to enable the Official Extra Catalogue from the Application Manager,
then select and install the application that you prefer. Read more.

How can I install Qt4 development packages on my Maemo OS2008SDK?
If you are a developer you have to add the official extra repository in your apt/source.list. Read more.

Do Maemo Qt4 libs work without a hardware keyboard?
Yes, they do! The Hildon input method is now integrated into Qt4.

What can I do if I need help?
If you have troubles with Qt4, talk with us by using the help section in the Forum.

How can I contribute to Qt4 for maemo?
We need developers, testers and doc writers.
If you are a Hildon/Gtk+ or a Qt developer you can join us or you can send us your patches.
If you are a tester, you can offer us your feedback or you can report bugs simply by using the Bug Tracking System.
You can also improve the documentation about Qt for Maemo editing our wiki.
However, if you are satisfied with our work, just tell us: we will beglad :)
I suggest everyone interested in testing or developing to join the ML.


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