Installing and Using Qt for Maemo

For Users...

Any user can install and test the new hildonized Qt4 installing a Qt application present in the official maemo extra repository
You can use the Application Manager for that.
NOTE: If you can't see any Qt application, please enable the Maemo Extra catalogue/repository.

For Developers...

Extras-devel Diablo Repository contains all the dependencies to build Qt4 in your maemo SDK environment.
You can use it adding the lines below in the your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

#Maemo extras and extras-devel
deb diablo free non-free
deb-src diablo free
deb diablo free non-free
deb-src diablo free

You can add the extras-devel repository/catalougue just clicking

If you want to build Qt4, you can check out the "fresh" SVN source code with the command
svn checkout

You can run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b to build the debian packages, or you can build and install directly Qt4 in the Unix way:
./configure -hildon -prefix "/usr" -optimized-qmake
make install

Tips 'n tricks: If you have modified only some files of a specified target (eg: src/gui/widgets) and you want to speed up the build process you can run make and make install in the target directory (eg: src/gui) that you are modified.

Commits note: to commit in the qt4 repository you need to be a maemo Qt4 developer. Any external developer can contribute to this project sending his patches to us via forum or mail.

For any comment, please use the forum. Thank you.